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LAS Exhibitions

Step into a world of creativity and inspiration with the Launceston Art Society's captivating art exhibitions!
Nestled in the heart of northern Tasmania, our exhibitions showcase the diverse talents and artistic expressions of our members and local artists. Immerse yourself in a visual feast of paintings that both stimulate the senses and intrigue the mind.
Whether you are a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious newcomer, our exhibitions offer a vibrant platform to explore the dynamic art scene in Launceston.
Embrace the opportunity to witness the power of art to evoke emotions, spark conversations, and transcend boundaries. Join us on a journey of discovery through the transformative world of art at the Launceston Art Society's engaging and thought-provoking exhibitions.

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We are surrounded by places. We walk over and through them. We live in places, relate to others in them, die in them. Nothing we do is unplaced.
How could it be otherwise?
How could we fail to recognize this primal fact?” 

Edward Casey

This exhibition focuses on Launceston as our city, our place.
Our artists have painted this place, their place, our place, they have painted the light, the landscape, the rocks,the trees, the sounds and smells, the aspects of this city that bind us to it, that bind us together and that make Launceston our city.

Close of Entries 31st May
Delivery of works 9th June
Opening 11th June at 11am
Closing and pick up of entries 21st June

Get inspired by our lovely city and environs.

1st Prize $1000
2nd Prize $500
People's Choice $250 voucher from
Launceston Art Centre

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